Samin’s Journal: Welcome

Hey. You’ve found it.

My Journal, My Blog, My Mind.

You should already know me, Samin Faisal. If you don’t, it’s alright. I won’t presume anything. You can do two things from this point on. You can either navigate away and do whatever it is you were doing before and continue life as you know it… or, you can journey into my mind and find out what this guy, Samin Faisal, is all about. Completely up to you. But the second route is easily the cool thing to do.

Listen. You have a life, and you’re living it right now. Every second counts and every emotion matters. Why else would we have them? It’s all for a purpose that we just don’t know about yet. Meanwhile, there’s a journey and an incredibly pressing inclination for those of us who care to find out as much about ourselves as we can in the limited time that we have to do so. This is my space for that very purpose.

I post things here that I want to. Songs, speeches, raps, movie reviews, love notes, poems, rants, heart-to-heart conversations and deep, dark messages. Everything that I wish to share. Why? Because I’m looking for myself, and I want to help you understand yourself. The only way we can do that is together, and in the end, hopefully… I’ll have fulfilled my purpose. In part.

Let’s take the first steps, shall we? Remember that you’re amongst friends here, and if everyone else is gone and it’s just me, you’re free to be you. I don’t impose, I only want to accompany and share my thoughts. Welcome… to my mind.

Welcome to Samin’s Journal

-Samin Faisal

{Note to Newcomers: First of all, Welcome! To get into it the way the Journal Intended, you can use the categories at the top of the page to find the {Index} for either the Journal or Valued Thoughts. Alternatively, you can use the categories on the side panel to find the latest post in each category. I hope you enjoy! Thanks for Reading!!}


3 comments on “Samin’s Journal: Welcome

  1. Hey Samin,

    First and foremost, I find your writing to be very earnest in nature. That’s why I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award.

    Secondly, by all means, feel free to just take this nomination as a compliment if you wish. There is absolutely no pressure to actually do anything about it.

    Your nomination is linked backed to this post on my blog here:

    If you’d like me to remove your link from this post I’d be more than happy to.



    • Hello again, my friend,

      Firstly, I thank you with everything I have for reading and interacting with my words. I’ve never really hoped for a chance at recognition with the writings, but it’s great to know that there are people who appreciate the value of thought and expression. So thanks, man! Much appreciated.

      Secondly, (huzzah for similarly structured comments!), I am humbled and pleased for the nomination for the Liebster Award. Your post on it was the first thing I read this morning, and I’m glad I did. Inspired me to keep up the quality and the effort required for posts as decent as yours.

      So, all in all, a massive thank you to Travis, and anyone else who’s ever stumbled across these collection of writings. It’s more than I ever expected for anyone to appreciate the writing and the thought process behind it. While I’m not usually mushy or overly-emotional, I take honest feedback to heart, and it makes me get all warm and fuzzy inside. Love ya, Reader!

      • Hey man,

        I’m with you. I never expected any kind of feedback from the words I write either. I was writing for myself. If anyone out there enjoyed, or was conversely provoked by, what I was writing about it was just a bonus.

        That said, there’s nothing wrong with funnelling people towards the opportunity to read your own honesty.

        Keep it up man. I mean, you never know who’s reading and how it may effect them…

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